Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge!

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The Jovē Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge is now over but the summer isn’t!

How It Works


Hydrate for 7 Days

Jovē is clinically shown to provide skin and cellular hydration for a happy body and healthy skin. No purchase is required to participate in the challenge.


Your Skin Thanks You

Dehydration can cause dull, dry skin, poor sleep and feeling tired and cranky. Jovē is here to help with your daily hydration.


Did We Mention Prizes?

Because there are prizes! Over $10,000 worth of ‘em. Every day we’ll announce a new contest and you’ll have a new chance to win!

Three reasons to join the Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge

Drink Jovē

Daily Inspiration

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes


The Jovē Summer Refresh is Here!

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. The Jovē Summer Refresh Hydration Challenge Contest is open to legal residents of the U.S., 18+. Click here for contest details.