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Advanced Cellular Hydration TechnologyTM

Jovē is infused with an exclusive patented liquid silica, an essential mineral that increases alkalinity, and charged with electrons, a primary source of energy for our body and cells. Jovē is clinically shown to provide hydration for skin and cellular health.

Happy Cells. Happy Body.TM

Healthy cells are properly hydrated cells.

As we age, the level of hydration in our body can decline. When we drink truly hydrating water, we benefit at the cellular level. Cellular hydration supports our mitochondria (the power plant of our cells), cellular metabolism and the release of cellular waste.

Deep HydrationTM

Cellular hydration is 2/3 of hydration

Up to 75% Americans are chronically dehydrated and 2/3 of hydration is cellular hydration. Feeling irritable, sluggish, having poor sleep and dry skin can all be associated with dehydration. Drinking Jovē leads to happy cells which leads to a happy body.

BPA & BPS Free

Zero Calories

Sugar Free

Fluoride Free

No Artificial Flavors

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I sleep so much better when I drink Jove! -Michele

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